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Let All The King’s Daughters Arise!


Let all the King’s daughters arise
and stand in their rightful place

Drape yourself in your garments of white
And be adorned in the beauty of his Holiness

Perfume yourself in the anointing of God
And take your place

For you are the daughters of the King
The most high God Jesus Christ

You are worth more than rubies and diamonds
In your King’s eyes

For you are no ordinary
You were born special

Woman among woman
Daughters of the King of Kings

Your worth has been established by your father’s hands
For you are a product of the intelligence of God

You came to prominence as a child of God, through Jesus Christ
Your accolades you credit to the Holy Spirit

Arise ye daughters of the King
For your courage lies in the fortress of your tongue
For it is the trumpet of the Lord

The rock on which you stand is holy, merciful
Slow to anger and bountiful with grace
You are an instrument of praise designed for worship

You drink from the cup of salvation and you lie in the bed of peace
When you close your eyes daughters of Zion it will not be in death
For you shall sleep the sleep that kings cannot afford,
For you are the daughters of the most high God, Jesus Christ

So let all the King’s daughters arise
And stand in their rightful place

Copyright © Marvalee Mills. All rights reserved



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