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Body of Christ – We Are Moving Forward

Group of diverse people holding hands up in the air

In her incubation period, the body of Christ remained focused
She latched unto faith and would not let go

Her conviction to the process, while in her obscurity
Gave her the courage to pursue her unveiling

The body of Christ refused to sabotage her growth potential
By remaining in her infantile stage

Yes storms do come in her way
But she knows, some storms
Come to clear a path
So she pressed forward to her next step

God is invested in the body of Christ
For he knows that though trials come her way
She never looses her faith or love for God

God has gifted the body of Christ with the Holy Spirit
To take her from the clutter of the common
To a place of vision and progression

And though the enemy has and will continue to come against
The body of Christ, she has resolved in her mind
That without discomfort there is no birth

So let the enemy bring on the fire, let him bring on the heat
For 1 Peter 1:7 declares “That the trials of our faith…
Though it be tried with fire. Might be found unto praise
And honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ”

Body of Christ we have come this far by faith, moving forward
We are by far no ordinary people
We were made equipped and purposed to conquer
Our already defeated foe

Body of Christ we are moving forward

Judge not our statue, position or number
For if that is all you see and call the body of Christ
The enemy has deceived you

We carry well the shield of faith
No fiery darts can get pass us

The sword of the spirit is our most powerful weapon
Prepared from before the foundation of the world
It is the word of God

From within us the spirit cries
and our lips speaks Its wisdom
We are a distinct people
We serve and bear the name
Of our God Jesus Christ

We are servants of the most high
Born of the spirit and anointed by God
We are no ordinary people
We are forward thinkers

The call from Zion came
Who will go and build?
The body of Christ quickly rose
To the challenge-“here we are send us”

For we are forward thinkers
Mountain movers
What others see as a problem
We see God as the solution

Body of Christ we are moving forward

Gone are the days when dreams are obscure
Visions lie dormant, and brothers and sisters
Wondering in the wilderness with no direction

Visionaries have risen among us
Bearing the staff of hope
And carving out the path
For the next generation

Body of Christ we are moving forward

In a world of confusion
Filled with darkness and despair
People running around in circles
Chasing their shadows
Not knowing where to turn or what to do

There is a lighthouse in Jesus
The visionaries call it salvation

Body of Christ we are moving forward

445 BC Nehemiah stood up and declared
The people have a mind to work

In the year of our Lord AD
The body of Christ stood up
And said the people have a mind to build

We are visionaries called out separated
Propelling forward for such a time as this

Body of Christ we are moving forward

Guided by the spirit of God
Therefore we cannot fail

We are in our BER-A-CAH “The valley of Praise”
For there is no weapon formed against us
That can prosper

Body of Christ we are moving forward

It is not time to become complacent
Because we see the hands of God working
But rather it is time to take the next step
Into the unchartered of the spirit

For have you not heard?
There are debts in God we have not explored
And there are heights in God we have not yet reached

So we press on as visionaries
Trail-blazers on the front-line
United we stand as a people
God can depend on

So when they ask
We shall reply
We the body of Christ
Have taken the next step
Out of the ordinary into greatness

Body of Christ
Let us continue moving forward

Copyright © 2022 Marvalee Mills. All rights reserved



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