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Get to know your host, Marvalee Mills, in this exclusive 6-part informative tell all summary of her life. Marvalee shares with her audience her life experience from her upbringing, marriage, homelessness, depression, divorce, and her ministry.
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  • Marvalee speaks about the conception of the Truth With Marvalee Podcast, its purpose, and vision
  • Marvalee’s call at a young age to live a separated life for Jesus Christ, and the challenges she faced.
  • An in-depth look at how through God’s wisdom and grace Marvalee was able to survive living in a marriage that almost claimed her life.
  • A very candid look into how Marvalee was able to survive homelessness, depression, and divorce while raising five children on her own.
  • This episode speaks about the restorative power of Jesus Christ in the life of Marvalee; you'll get a close look at the power of deliverance in motion in her life. The culmination of events in her life that gave birth to her testimony and ministry.
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